Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Creative Product - Pet Umbrella

Now in Europe and America, many website has begin to sell this kind of special umbrella for pet dogs. Unlike the umbrella which we carry, pet umbrella's handle is pointing downwards and this umbrella is designed with a dog chain being set up beneath it, so that you can hold the rein to the dog while carry the umbrella for your precious pet dogs.

The manufacturer even custom made these umbrella to match the size of your dogs with matching umbrella for their owners. Besides umbrella for rainy days, there are also umbrella for sunny day.

This pet umbrella will set you back by US$19.00~28.00 while the umbrella for sunny day at US$49.00.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Creative Product - Rainvisor

Dun you just hate rainy days, especially when you opened your car door and the rain just mercilessly poured inside your precious car and caused the seat to be wet. Well some students from Korea has came up with a creative solution - the Rainvisor, cleverly resolve this problem.

This rainvisor is being set up like a extendable canopy between the car door and the car door frame. So as you opened the door, this canopy will be expand out and block the rain from pouring into the car and onto the seat.

Wonder how soon this product will be out in the market... do watch out for it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Paint Drips Table

As mentioned in my previous blog, this creation is from the same designer as the Windows' Window.

Through it's unique design and structure, the whole table appears to be a table with red paint dripping down from the corners. According to the designer, this design has a romantic feel and depicts the desire for love.

Price: US$9,200.00

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Windows' Windows - Frame Design

This design comes from the same designer as the "Paint Drips Table" (on my up coming blog). This is window frame that is like the windows we see on our computer screen.

But then having to spend so much time at work on my computer, I would not want to reach home and see my windows like that, kind of remind me of work.... so boring.

Price: US$ 7,800.00

Monday, March 9, 2009

Microsoft Touch Screen Computer Table Top

I am really amazed by the product that Microsoft is able to come up with. I really love the function and hope to have one soon. But I must that the users will have neck problem sooner or later, having to look down all the time when using this computer.

This computer is really a 30-inch table top. The only way to input is via the touch screen and even downloading of database from mobile phone, camera or any other storage media is by placing on the table top, so no more cumbersome cables. This computer also allows multiple users to input at all times.

Selling Price: US$230,000.00

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lying in Water Droplets

A design that's created from observing the nature.

Just the look of it reminds you have a wet summer beach time. This chair fully captures the water splashes so far that immediately it gives you a very cooling effect.

I would love to be lay on one of this chair by the pool side and enjoying a glass ice cool lemon tea... that's what I call enjoyment is about.

Idea Selling Price: US$56,000.00

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Drawing In the Air

Ever fancy drawing in the air, now you can do that with the latest technology advancement.

Idea Selling Price: US$32,000,000.00